Artikel Bahasa Inggris tentang ERRORS ANALYSIS (introduction)

Mr Min

Salam semangat para pembaca yang sedang mencari pencerahan tentang artikel bahasa Inggris, semoga hari ini anda semua sudah lebih banyak mengetahui tentang apa yang harus anda tulis pada bagian abstract sebuah artikel jurnal. Untuk menyambung penjelasan kemarin tentang abstract, hari ini akan saya lanjutkan dengan menuliskan contoh bagian pembuka / Introduction pada sebuah artikel jurnal. Ayo dicek.

Artikel Bahasa Inggris tentang ERRORS ANALYSIS (introduction)

Artikel Bahasa Inggris tentang ERRORS ANALYSIS (introduction) 


In learning English, guidelines of School based Curriculum (KTSP) which is applied for all school levels in Indonesia lead the students to have real life skills. This implies that teaching English stated in KTSP in particular is to enable students to master the four language skills, they are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All of these skills are expected to be mastered by the students. Reading and listening are passive skills, it means that the students only receive the material. Whereas speaking and writing are active skills, the students will produce something in their learning.

In writing, the students still have hesitancy about grammar. Since, grammar is the basic elements of an area of knowledge or skill, or it is a set of prescriptive notions about correct use of a language. According to Murcia (1995:4) grammar is essentially about the systems and patterns we use to select and combine words. By studying grammar we come to recognize the structure and regularity which is the foundation of language and we gain the tools to talk about the language system. Grammar must be learned by the students who want to learn about language. It will be more effective to produce utterance based on the basic structure which they know (Nichols, 1993: 78). Moreover in writing skill, the grammar is really needed to be learned, because the mistakes made in writing seem so clear when someone writes it and will be read by the reader. Therefore, it is very important for the students to pay attention about grammar when they are writing.

As we know those English and Indonesian languages do not have similar structure in sentences. For example as comparison we can see that in Indonesian language we do not have to know about the form of verb but in English we have to know about the form of the verb itself based on the tenses. There is no change of verb form in Indonesia but not in English. It is in accordance with Setiyadi (2033:22), he points out that English tends to be very difficult to be learnt in Indonesia because English has different grammar from Indonesian language which might be difficult for language learners to understand the system of target language.

As we know English has many tenses (e.g. present tense, past tense, future tense, perfect tense, etc.) that should be mastered by students, but because of the differences between Indonesian language and English, it gives the difficulties for Indonesian students in learning English tenses and using the tenses in writing. As Murcia (1995:4) said that teaching tense is one of the most difficult area of English grammar for non-native speaker.

Sometimes they make grammatical errors. Students often produce incorrect utterances. According to Dullay, errors are flawed side of learning speaking or writing. They are parts of conversation or composition that deviate from selected norm of mature language performance. However, making error is fundamentally human in process. Therefore, it is possible for students to make errorsunconsciously when they were writing. By analyzing the students’ error, it willl give the important role in giving the feedback for the teacher and researcher in order to evaluate and develop the material in teaching learning process.

The previous research done by Indarti (1998:5),showed that the students still made errors in the use of tenses. That was because the students were not familiar with English structure such as the form of verb, because they did not find such rules in language structures of Indonesian. Considering the background above, the researcher was interested in investigating the use of simple present tense and identifying the grammatical errors made by the students in composing simple present tense in students’ descriptive text. Therefore, the researcher entitled her research “An Analysis of Grammatical Errors in Using Simple Present Tensein Descriptive Text Writing by Students of MAN 1 (Model) Bandar Lampung”.