Teks Story Telling beserta Pesan Moralnya

Mr Min

Berikut adalah contoh teks story telling tentang kekuatan mimpi beserta pesan moral yang terkandung didalamnya. Story telling dalam Bahasa Indonesia adalah menceritakan cerita. Menceritakan cerita disini bisa dengan cara membaca teksnya dan menceritakan atau pun dengan cara perform diatas panggung dengan berbagai benda yang dibutuhkan untuk mendukung cerita. Untuk story telling yang dilombakan, biasanya seorang pencerita akan membawa benda-benda atau pun kostum yang dapat membantunya untuk lebih menghidupkan ceritanya. Misalnya dengan membawa puppet, atau boneka, atau benda lainnya yang ada didalam ceritanya. Kostum pun disesuaikan dengan cerita yang dibawakannya.


Teks Story Telling beserta Pesan Moralnya


Once upon a time, in a poor village there was an elementary school. Just a few students studied there, because most of the children helped their parents to earn living for their lives.

One day, the one and the only teacher in the school gave a writing lesson. After the teacher explained how to make a story, the teacher gave a home work. “Students, our homework today is making a story about your dream. Tomorrow, the result of your home work will be read in front of the class one by one”.

Next day, her students read their own homework in front of the class. Most of them want to be a teacher, doctor, or farmer. The teacher always nodded in agreement. Then, it was the turn of the youngest age student in the class. His clothes were patched, his body was small and thin, but his voice was very loud. “When I grow up, I want to have a big white house near the beach, and then I won’t let my parents collect litters again. I will live happily with my family and make my parents proud of me”.

After listen the loud voice of the young student, the classes laughed. “Hahaha… Hey dreamer! Wake up from your nap!” said the teacher. “Hey, the story which you wrote is not a dream, that’s just a fantasy. That can’t become a reality!”. “Teacher, it’s not a fantasy, but it can become reality!”. “Hey son, you live in poor village, your family also poor too. How can you make your dream become reality? Now you must write another logical dream”. “Teacher, this is my real dream, nothing else!” “Please bring your new story tomorrow. If you don’t do it, you will get the smallest point in this class”. Next day, the young student didn’t bring his work, so he got the smallest point in his class.

Twenty years later, the teacher still taught in poor village. One day, she invited her students to study tour in a nice town. They went to the most popular beach in that town. There, they saw a big white house like a palace. “Oh, the man who built that house must be very great man. Its first time I look nice place like that”, said the teacher slowly. Suddenly, she heard a loud voice from her behind. “Not a great man who built that house, just a naughty boy who dare to fantasy. Surely, the greater is the teacher who taught that naughty boy”. The teacher turn over her body and she got a man smile with her. He was her student who got the smallest point of writing task about dream. The teacher was tears with a bit shy and apologized for twenty years before that she ever laughed his dream. Her student just smile and asked his teacher and all her students to come to his house.

Moral message

Dream is the first step to conquer the world and a key to get a big result. Don’t laughing the other’s dream, because nothing impossible.
Because of dream, a plane created;
because of dream, face book is created;
because of dream, hand phone is created.
Surely, we need powers to make our dream become reality. The powers should be planted in ourselves, namely: the power of bravery, trial, fight, dare to fail and dare to success.