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Berikut ini adalah soal MID SEMESTER Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 SMP beserta kunci jawaban. Semoga bisa membantu adik-adik yang akan melakukan MID SEMESTER atau UTS disekolahnya masing-masing. Good luck, then!

Kisi-kisi soal Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 adalah sebagai berikut:

  1. Asking, giving, and rejecting for a help/services

  2. Asking, giving, and rejecting fora thing/items

  3. Admitting and denying facts

  4. Asking and giving opinion

  5. Inviting, accepting, and refusing invitation

  6. Agreement and disagreement

  7. Compliment and Congratulating

  8. Announcement

  9. Notice

  10. Short message

  11. Invitation cards



A. Identify these expressions below and match with its function in the box!

  1. How smart you are!
  2. I think Indonesia is a beautiful country!
  3. Will you come to my house tonight?
  4. May I have your apple?
  5. Can I help you?
  6. I disagree with you!
  7. Congratulations! You won the singing contest!
  8. Can you help me?
  9. I agree with you!
  10. Okay! I will come to your birthday party. See you!
a. Asking for thing g. Offering for a help
b. Giving for opinion h. Asking for opinion
c. Offering for a thing i. Asking for a help
d. Inviting someone j. Accepting invitation
e. Compliment k. Congratulating
f. Agreement l. Disagreement


B. Complete the dialogue with the suitable one!

11. Seno  : …………….
Rena  : Yes, sure. I can help you. What should I do?

12. Bian  : May I borrow your handphone?
Lia     : ……….. I’m still using it.

13. Nisa  : ……………..! you are the first winner in scrabble competition!
Leon  : Thanks Nisa.

14. Jerry : Will you accompany me to go to bookstore?
Nana : …………….. I will accompany my mother to see the doctor. May be next time!

15. Viona: ……. …….
Sinta : I think our class is dirty today. So we must clean it together.

C.Answer the questions below with the correct answer


16. What does it means?

17. What kind of the text above?


“To all students, please bring some cleaning tools tomorrow morning because we are going to clean our school together. Cleaning tools needed are brooms, dusters, some newspapers to clean the window pane, mops and buckets. We are going to start at seven and finish at twenty to eight. After that, you should be ready for the first period of the lessons. Thank you for your attention!”

18. What kind of text is it?

19. “..because we are going to clean our school together.” What is the opposite of the underlined word?

20. How many kinds of tools should be brought by the students?

21. How long they clean their school?

22. For whom the announcement is intended?

23. Who is the speaker of the announcement above?


Viana’s 7th birthday!
It’s Party Time!

17th October 2015
09.45 a.m – 11. 45 a.m

Balong Kuring Pringsewu, Lampung

RSVP : Leona 0987654321


Female : Brown

Male : Cream

24. Whose party is it?

25. Is the party to celebrate the 7th birthday?

26. What kind of the text above?

27. How long the party will be held?


Dear Andika,


Remember, we’d had an appointment to go bookstore after school. I’ll be waiting for you at bus stop near my house. I hope we will be there by using your car. See you!



28. Where will they go?

29. Who is the sender of the text above?

30. What kind of the text above?


Kunci Jawaban :

  1. e. Compliment
  2. b. Giving opinion
  3. d. Inviting someone
  4. a. Asking for a thing
  5. g. Offering for a help
  6. l. Disagreement
  7. k. Congratulating
  8. i. Asking for a help
  9. f. Agreement
  10. j. Accepting invitation
  11. Can you help me? / Could you help me? / Will you help?
  12. I’m sorry/ no you may not
  13. Congratulations!
  14. I’m sorry I can’t./ I’m sorry, I think I can’t
  15. What do you think about our/this class?
  16. Don’t throw the rubbish!
  17. Notice
  18. Announcement
  19. Dirty
  20. Five, they are brooms, dusters, some newspapers, mops and buckets.
  21. Forty minutes
  22. All students
  23. Teacher
  24. Viana
  25. Yes, it is.
  26. Invitation card
  27. Two hours
  28. Bookstore
  29. Lisa
  30. Short message