Soal Bahasa Inggris USM STAN 2015 Terbaru Dan Terlengkap

Mr Min

Halo pembaca, pada halaman ini saya coba lanjutkan pembahasan dan contoh – contoh soal STAN yang saya sudah berikan tadi pagi. Semoga bermanfaat dan jangan sampai ketinggalan up date an terbaru soal USM STAN ya. Saya perbaharui sedikit demi sedikit untuk menjaga ke valid an soal up date an saya karena saya selalu memantau perkembangan soal – soal nya dari hari ke hari. Mari kita fokus lagi 🙂

Kumpulan Soal USM STAN Bahasa Inggris

Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris USM STAN 2015

16. ___ tea plant are small and white.

a. The

b. On the

c. Having flowers the

d. The flowers of the*


17. I and Doni were unsuccessful in obtaining a place at any of the universities ___ we applied.

a. which

b. that

c. to which*

d. to whom


18. I tasted the soup ___ because it was hot. The soup tasted___

a. careful, well

b. careful, good

c. carefully, good*

d. carefully, betterl


19. ___ in a math class all day long than speaking in front of many people.

a. I would rather be sitting*

b. I had better sitting

c. I would rather sitting

d. I had better sit


20. Speech consists not merely of sounds but ___ that follow various structural patterns.

a. of organized sound patterns*

b. organized sound patterns

c. that sound patterns are organized

d. in organizing sound patterns


21. Our company hasn’t changed its products for over 30 years but now the time ___ for a rethink.

a. have come

b. has come*

c. has been coming

d. have been coming


22. My brother ___ for the police force.

a. was used to working

b. used to work*

c. was used to work

d. used to working


23. On no occasion ___ that to me.

a. they said

b. they did say

c. did they say*

d. said they


24. The forces had ___ to wipe out the entire city.


resourceful enough

resources enough*



25. The courses ___ the second page of the brochure have several prerequisites.

a. are listed on

b. are listed on which

c. listed on which

d. listed on*


26. I was ___ to see at least twenty people standing in front of my house.

a. taken for granted

b. taken aback*

c. taken into

d. taken on


27. A koala’s pouch differs from a kangaroo’s in ___ opens facing down.

a. which a koala’s pouch

b. the way that a koala

c. that a koala’s*

d. the pouch which


28. Numbers of beautiful ancient butterflies ___ as a result of changes in farming methods.

a. fall

b. fell

c. are falling*

d. will fall


29. In my office you ___ wear a suit but lots of people do.

a. should

b. must not

c. don’t have to*

d. will not


‘30. We are going to pay more attention in lowering taxes and reduce unemployment!’

The government___

a. promised that they lowered taxes and reduced unemployment.

b. promised that they have lowered taxes and reduced unemployment.

c. promised to have lowered taxes and reduced unemployment.

d. promised to lower taxes and reduce unemployment.*