Soal bahasa Inggris USM STAN 2015 (A)

Mr Min

Tahukah anda jika belajar / berkuliah di STAN atau Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara itu merupakan inpian sebagian besar lulusan SMA di Indonesia? Bukanlah fakta yang mengejutkan apabila stan menjadi pilihan utama bagi mereka karena setelah diterima dan berkuliah di STAN mereka akan diberdayakan di berbagai instansi pemerintahan dengan gaji yang sangat menggiurkan tentunya. nah kali ini yuk kita pelajari bersama soal –  soal simulasi USM STAN yang biasa muncul beberapa tahun terahir.

Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris USM STAN

Contoh soal Grammar USM STAN

Choose the best answer from the four multiple-choices provided for each question.

1. Any possible academic help from taking stimulants ___ marginal at best.

a. its

b. is*

c. are

d. as


2. Alan ___ for the police force for over twenty and a half years. Now he has retired early.

a. had worked

b. worked*

c. has worked

d. has been working


3. This museum ___ the oldest in the town.

a. is believed to be*

b. is to believe to be

c. believed

d. to be believes to be


4. The tetracyclines, ___ antibiotics, are used to treat infections.

a. are a family of

b. a family of*

c. being a family

d. their family is


5. Before getting your driving license, you need to have your photograph___

a. taking

b. taken*

c. to take

d. being taken


6. This social subject has ___ all animals and overcome my fears.

a. taught to respect

b. taught respecting

c. taught me to respect*

d. taught me respecting


7. The buses were all running late ___ the bad weather.

a. because

b. due

c. owing to*

d. despite


8. Norwegians’ sense of ___ stems from the reality that feudalism was never thoroughly established in the country.

a. equality*

b. equal

c. equalizing

d. equally


9. You ___ asking Hanna —I know he’s too busy.

a. needn’t to bother

b. needn’t bothering

c. needn’t bother*

d. need to bother


10. I do have a few rules. ___ is that I want everyone to feel at home.

a. The most important one*

b. The most important ones

c. The most important rule

d. One most important rule


11. It is hazardous if you live in ___ is in a large high-rise building.

a. a flat it

b. which flat

c. a flat

d. a flat which*


12. Among chromosome found in human body, the Y chromosome is unusual ___ most of the chromosome does not participate in meiotic recombination.

a. in

b. and

c. so

d. in that*


13. About 20 million people entered the US through Ellis secret Island, but it was called the ‘island of tears’ because many people were___

a. refused entry*

b. refused entering

c. refused to entry

d. refused to enter


14. You should keep this reference number___

a. unless there are any problems.

b. if there were any problems.

c. if there would be any problems.

d. in case there are any problems.*


15. That was probably ___ meal I’ve ever had!

a. the less enjoyable

b. the least enjoyable*

c. less enjoyable

d. as enjoyable as