Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris SIPENMARU POLTEKES 2015

Mr Min

Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris SIPENMARU POLTEKES 2015

Belakangan ini profesi dalam bidang kesehatan sangat diminati para fresh graduated. Salah satu pilihan yang banyak diincar oleh mereka yang ingin berkarir di bidang kesehatan alah poli tekhnik kesehatan atau disingkat POLTEKES. Oleh karena itu untuk membantu adik – adik dan pembaca sekalian dalam mencari referensi soal – soal untuk menghadapi SIPENMARU / SBMPTN nya poltekes, kali ini saya berikan gratis buat anda semua.

Kumpulan Soal Poltekes

Choose one correct answer from the five options provided.

1. The American alligator, declared an endangered species in 1967, has since then slowly increased in numbers       throughout ___ native range, which encompasses the southeastern United States.

A. their            D. these

B. which           E. those

C. its


2. Eric         :  Are these pens yours?

Drew       :  I guess those belong to Mia.

Eric asked Drew…

A. that the pens were yours.

B. that the pens were Drew’s.

C. whether the pens were yours.

D. whether the pens were Mia’s.

E. whether the pens were Drew’s.


3. The Commonwealth (persemakmuran) is an association of Britain and her former colonies, many of ___ are   African.

A. that                  D. whom

B. which               E. whose

C. those


4. Mia :  Where’s Eric? He should finish the report before six.

Pat         :  He’s at Bob’s party. But don’t worry; he said he’d called Drew to help him to complete it.

It is assumed that…

A. Eric has Drew complete the report.

B. Mia has Drew complete the report.

C. Eric and Mia have Drew complete the report.

D. Eric has no one complete the report.

E. Drew has the report completed.


5. Bob :  Don’t forget to join us tonight. We’re gonna greet Sue at the airport.

Eric       :  Well, I’d love to. I miss her very much. ___. I’ve promised my sister I’ll help her work on her project at seven.

The most likely response to fill the gap is…

A. I’m really afraid.

B. It’s a pleasure.

C. But I’m afraid I can’t.

D. That’s extremely wonderful.

E. You should go.


Choose one correct answer to fill each gap in the passage below.

Abdominal pain is discomfort in the abdomen (sekitar pusar). Mild abdominal pain is common and is often due to __(6)__ alcohol intake (yang dimakan), eating __(7)__, or an attack of diarrhea. Pain in the lower abdomen is common during menstruation __(8)__ is occasionally due to a gynecological (hormon kewanitaan) disorder such as endometriosis (radang yang terkait dg hrmon esterogen). Cystitis (radang kandung kemih, biasanya karena infeksi urine) is a common cause of pain or discomfort in the abdomen. Bladder (kandung kemih) distension (penggelembungan) as a result of urinary obstruction may also cause abdominal pain.

Abdominal colic (mulas) is pain that __(9)__ every few minutes as one of the internal organs goes into muscular spasm (kekejangan urat) in an attempt to overcome an obstruction such as a stone or an area of inflammation (peradangan). The attacks of colic may become more severe (keras/berat) and may be __(10)__ vomiting (muntah).



A. abusive                         D. exclusive

B. extractive                     E. excessive

C. extraterrestrial



A. wisely                              D. wiser

B. Cunwisely                       E. wise

C. unwise



A. although                       D. but

B. however                       E. moreover

C. whereas



A. have occurred            D. occurring

B. occurs                          E. had occurred

C. occurred



A. associated with           D. similar to

B. given to                        E. arranged for

C. regarded as