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Contoh Essay Procces dengan 1000 kata (Essay Procces within 1000 words)

The Ways to Teach Speaking for Tenth Grade of Senior High School in the Rural Area of Lampung


            What do you know about the important of speaking? How we teach speaking for tenth grade students of Senior High School in the rural area of Lampung? According to Biju Sukumaran, an eHow Contributing Writer, stated that speaking is an important part of learning any language. Speaking helps EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learners attain greater levels of fluency. Another statement is come from Suzanne Rose in her article with the title The Important of Teaching Public Speaking to High School students. Suzanne stated that speaking is a skill that can help students in further education and help students in their careers. From two statements above, we can know speaking skill is important be owned by our students. Speaking can help them to communicate and also practice directly, not just memorize the rules. Moreover, the graduated of High School must in informal literacy. Informal literacy means that the graduated from Senior High School can access knowledge by using their language ability. Actually, their language ability is depending on how we teach them. How we teach in tenth grade is affect in their next grade. If we make speaking as if bored activity perhaps in next grade they will always feel bored to speak. Therefore, we must be careful to choose what way that we will use to teach them. The other problem is when we must teach in rural area. As Oxford learner’s Pocket Dictionary, rural is in or of the countryside and area is part of a place. From the definition, we can know rural place is part of place in the countryside. Rural area often signed by limited of media or information because rural area itself is on the countryside that still hard to find the access to go to city. Actually, not at all rural areas, especially in Lampung, have not media and information. Sometime media and information provided in the rural area but most of them (most of society in the rural area) still do not know how to get the information or how to operate the media such as internet. Usually, the students in rural area of Lampung have big curious but they have limit media and information or the limit knowledge to get the information because of they cannot operate the media that provide to fulfill they curious itself. Based on Biju, there is several ways to teach speaking that we can use in rural area. Here is how you can apply his ways to teach speaking for your tenth grade students in the rural area of Lampung.

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                        The first is teaching real-life speaking to our students. We can use simple expression, sentence, even though text. Refer to syllabus of High School curriculum tenth grade learn text about recount text, narrative text, procedure text, description text, and news item. We can teach them to speak depend on their real-life. For instance, when we teach about recount we can invite them to tell about their experience simply such as about their unforgettable moment, embarrassing moment, trip experience, special moment, etc. When we teach about narrative, we can invite them to tell a fairy tale or to do simple telling story. When we teach about procedure text, we can asked them to tell how to make something such as how to make noodle, how to make a cup of tea, how to make ice cream, or the another activity. When we teach about description text, we can asked them to describe their chair-mate’s face, their close friends look like, or another thing such as place or something that can be described. The last text is news item. when we teach news item text, we can asked them to speak or tell about a simple news that they get from TV, news paper, magazine, internet, or another sources. The simple speaking here is to improve our students’ fluency. According to, they stated that fluency comes from practice-plain and simple. That involves extended use of the language and use of extended sentences. You cannot build fluency by repeating single words or short phrases. From the statement, we can see that students’ fluency come from plain and simple practice. It is one reason why we teach them to speak real-life simply.

            The second is teaching functional lesson in groups. For example, teach one topic like traditional market language, and the many possible dialogues and vocabulary that could occur in such a setting. Have students role-play with other to practice. This way can examine our student to enrich their vocabularies. Not only enrich, but also they can know how to use it to communicate directly. Our student not only memorize the vocabularies and then can be forget it easily, nut also they will acquired that words. According to, they stated that one of language learners need to recognize speaking is function: knowing when clarity of message is essential (transaction/ informational exchange). From the statement above we can know teach functional is not only provide our students possible dialogue, but also they are knowing the clarity of the message from it.

            The third is drill pronunciation and clarity in our class. Consistently correct common pronunciation mistakes. Build pronunciation by using simple tongue twisters such as the black cat had a black hat. According to, they stated that pronunciation is ability to say words properly with correct sound in the correct places. This is a skill can take very long to develop, but with consistent work and practice, it can be done. Here, we often meet word consistent. What is consistent? Based on Oxford learner’s Pocket Dictionary, consistent is always behaving in the same way, having the same opinions, standards, etc. so, it’s mean that teacher’s opinion must not be dynamic, must static, to make the student understand and not confused with the teacher’s opinion or statement.

            After you know all the ways, what do you think about it? It is fun ways to teach speaking, right? You can build fun and interesting atmosphere in your class. In addition, although you are teaching in rural area, your students’ ability to speak is not so far or even they can be same with the student that school in the city. You just teach them to speak in real-life. Then teach them to get the clarity message from the dialogues. The last is drilling pronunciation and clarity to make our students better in their communication. Let us do this ways in rural area of Lampung and get the best speaker!

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