Analisis Short Story “The Robbers” Karya Anton Chekhov

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Good morning readers! Kali ini kita akan membahas mengenai short story. Ya, short story dikenal juga dengan cerita pendek. Berikut adalah contoh dari analisis salah satu cerita pendek karya Anton Chekhov yang berjudul The Robbers. Let’s check it!

 Synopsis of The Robbers

One evening before christmas, Ergunov, the doctor’s assistant, was returning from the hamlet of Repin with some purchases for the hospital. The doctor had lent him his very best horses but in the middle of way, snow-storm sprang up and he lost his way. He was confused but after two hours passed. He found inn by helping of dogs. He remembered that the inn owned by Andrew Chirikov had been murdered, leaving behind him an old wife and a daughter, Liubka. Then the doctor asked to enter into the inn guided by Liunka. The first room he entered was almost empty and the air was hot and smelled of freshly scrubbed boards. At a table under the icons sat a small, thin peasant of forty with a little red beard and wearing a blue skirt. It was Kalashnikov, a hotorious Ruffian and horse thief. There the doctor also met with Merik. Merik also told his experience with Filia, a famous Circassian chieftain.

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Kalashnikov tuned a balalaika, and thenMerik and Liubka danced. The doctor excited of it. After that Kalashnikov went away. When dancing, Merik said that he would find Liubka’s mother and her money, then he would kill her and cut Liubka’s throat with a knife and set fire to the inn. A while later, Merik went away, too. When Kalashnikov and Merik went away, the doctor was afraid that his horse lost. It was right, after Merik went away, his host lost and he was angry with Liubka. They quarreled and Liubka struck him on the head with her fist.

Next day, Ergunov’s head still ached and he heared a roaring in his ears as if he were sitting under a railway bridge with a train going over his head. He was confused how to answer the questions that would be put to him. After that he thought about the nice of free life and he wanted to live freely.A year and a half passed, the doctor long since dismissed from the hospital and without work, came out of a stsaloon in Repin. Two wagons went by on the road; the doctor saw that Andrew Chirikov’s was burning and he remembered about what happened to him at that inn one winter’s night a year and a half ago.

Analisis setting, characters, plot, conflict, point of view, dan theme ‘The Robbers’

 1. Setting

Place                     : Andrew Chirikov’s inn.

Time                     :

  • One evening before Christmas
  • A year and a half passed in one spring night.

Atmosphere           : feeling that is created at the beginning in the story is dibble.

2. Character

Protagonist           : Liubka andErgunov

Antagonist           : Merik and Filia (Peasants)

Major                    : Ergunov, Liubka, Merik, Kalashnikov

Minor                   : Andrew Grogorich, Fillia, Kalashnikov’s father and uncle, Old Woman.

3. Plot

Introduction          :
When he lost his way and he found an inn and then he entered in it.

Rising action   :
When the doctor looked for his horse and he thought that his horse had lost.

Climax         :
When the doctor didn’t found his horse, then he looked for Liubka and met her (Doctor seized the neck of Liubka’s chemise and tore, then he caught Liubka in his arm.Liubka slipped out of his embrance and struck him on the head with her fist.)

Falling action :
In the morning after all happened to the doctor at the inn last night, when he tought about freedom and want to be free, too.

Resolution      :
The doctor dismissed from the hospital (without wore), and he come out a saloon in Repin wandered aimless down the street and out into the open country.

4. Conflict

In this story, there are 4 kinds of conflict

  • Human vs Social
    Human VS Social is occurring when the doctor thought about people’s habitualsuch as why the one must get up in the morning, have dinner at noon, and go to bed at night?
  • Human vs Human
    Human VS Human is occurring when the doctor and Liubka were quarreled after the doctor realized his horse was lost.
  • Human vs Natural
    Human VS Natural is occurring when the doctor lost his way in a violent snowstorm in his journey to Repin.
  • Human vs Self
    Human VS Self is occurring when the doctor wants being free and got a freedom.

5. Point of View

Writer use Omniscient point of view, because the writer know all about of the storysuch as the writer knew that Ergunov is the doctor’s assistant, then the writer knew that Ergunovwas returning from the hamlet of Repin in one evening before Christmas, etc. The second reason is the story use pronun He, She, Her, His, and They.

6. Theme

We must have freedom in our life; Freedom is one of the important part for our life.


Indeed, this story tells about a man of frivolous character who had the reputation in the district of a windbag and a great drinker, but after all had happened to him at an inn in the winter’s night a year ago. When he went to his home, but in the middle of road there is snowstorm he cannot toward to his home. So, he and a hours is that brought by him stopover in the an inn. In the inn he saw the free people that their life are not depend on the others people, they can do what that they want without must feel is not free from the others. After that, he go out from his job and try to undergone his life by his self. From this story, we can get the point that we can make our life more interesting by our way so that we can feel our life more have meaningful.

Demikianlah analisis dari cerita pendek The Robbers karya Anton Chekhov. Semoga bermanfaat.